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If you do not find a suitable position, you are welcome to directly recommend yourself, and we will review and recommend you to the appropriate department. 


If the application is not successful, please send your resume to the human resources e-mail sy@sanyoucorporation.com, and indicate your name and the position you are applying for in the subject of the email. 


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Benefits Offered by the Company: 

1. Paid annual leave 2. Pay for five insurances immediately after joining the factory 3. Provide board and lodging 4. Transportation allowance

5. Performance bonus 6. Two days off on weekends 

Professional title:


Educational background:

Number of people to be recruited:

Time of issue:

  • Mechanical Engineers

    Engineering Department

    Junior high school



    • Location of work: 重庆市 - 重庆市 - 璧山县
    • Nature of work:Full time
    • Educational background:Junior high school
    • Age:22-45
    • Mainly being responsible for formulating the production process, coordinating various problems occurring in the production process, ensuring the smooth completion of production tasks, completing the design of tooling, fixtures, mold blank drawings and plan drawings, follow-up and confirmation of the progress of each product, and daily continuous improvement and resolution of defective-quality products and so on. Skill requirements:  Majors related to English, mechanics, and material forming; familiar with design software such as CAD and Solidworks. Other benefits  1. Pay for five insurances immediately after joining the factory;  2. Provide accommodation and free working lunch;  3. Subsidies for housing and transportation;  4. Annual physical examination;  5. High temperature travel allowance;  6. High temperature allowance;  7. Paid annual leave;  8. Holiday gifts and others. 

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